Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kiki's Grandmother

Here I was thinking I'd have nothing to show today as I didn't get a chance to do any work, when along came this lovely, lovely thing in the post. This is the quilt I got from Lenna's 12x12" swap, for which I made this piece. The one I was lucky enough to get was made by Kiki Finlayson in Oregon (no blog as far as I know) and features the most beautiful ribbon worked roses and well as using grungeboard swirls (I just bought some grungeboard shapes myself - not swirls - so it's nice to see some in action - perhaps it will inspire me to use the ones I have!) The photograph on the front is of her grandmother, who taughter her to knit and crochet - the quilt is in honour of her.

I was also thinking that I haven't showed any cross-stitch in a long time, so here's some of that. This is the second Easter Sampler I worked on this year - the first, I sent to Cathi; this one is for myself and is on a pale blue canvas and will be to keep. I know it's past Easter now, but I can show it next year. It's really early for next-year's Easter, lol. The colours in this one are brighter and stronger than the pastels I did the first one in - also, the rabbit is white rather than brown. I think both of them work, though.
I've not done so much cross-stitch lately - I had a couple of other hand-work things to work on - a binding, then sewing the labels on the back of the pineapple quilt (done now, hoorah). And marking some of the Sawtooth cat pieces onto foundation for piecing - so consequently, the cross-stitch has been put aside. I'll finish this one now and then, back to the birds. Might even manage to finish it on this go around.

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TexasRed said...

Beautiful! Haven't done any cross-stitch in years. Your sampler is reminding me how much I enjoyed it.

Kiki's quilt makes me want to reach through the computer to feel the texture. Lovely!