Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stuff to show

Here's the New York Beauty block finished - yes, the dark green background in the geese row is a tiny bit wonky at the bottom - I will probably unpick it and put in a slightly larger piece before sending it. Otherwise, I think it's come out well. And it's the last birthday block - woo hoo. This swap has felt very long and somewhat tiring - not so much making the blocks as the admin stuff this time around, so I am quite glad to see it winding up. It's also produced some great blocks, which keeps me from getting too frustrated!

And here's the second Easter Sampler finished - this one's to keep. I will dig a few buttons or charms out to add to the larger empty spaces (the original had buttons included of course) - and then, complete. I hope that by next Easter I'll be able to remember where I put it if I put it in a "safe place" when finished... I won't be stitching this again, so if anyone wants the pattern, let me know.

Got some nice post today as well as doing a bit of work - this set of loot is some items I bought from Julie's etsy shop - isn't the packaging great? She showed the little notebooks on her blog, and I really liked them and thought one would make a nice gift (though I am tempted to keep it myself, lol) and when I went to her shop, I found this great bracelet. Wow. When the parcel arrived I also found inside this lovely hat/scarf pin included just because she's a generous and kind person. How nice is that! I have a few of Julie's other creations - a pair of earrings with little blue birds and silver nests on which I bought from her shop and a wonderful notebook which I received when I took part in her pay-it-forward offer, a while back. I love her work; something about it really appeals to me.

I also received these things in the post recently - the pieces from the resist swap I did a piece for recently (mine is the rubber-band shibori in the top middle) and a couple of ATCs - one from Wil - we swapped a while back and she waited to send hers until she posted the resist swap pieces to me; the other is from Kathy as part of the recycle spring swap on Fibre Art Traders, for which I made these ATCs. She also included a little book as a small hostess gift as she is taking part in my birthday ATC swap this year. As I said, a great day or two for post!


Cindra said...

Oh, Kate! Just looking at your blog I know I am going to enjoy watching your creations in Round the World Quilting Bee. Welcome!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the New York Beauty Block...very pretty.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi Kate, Welcome to The Quilting around the world bee, Your blog is great!!

Jaye said...

Very cool stuff!! I haven't done anything with FAT lately..I need to get back with it! Love the New York Beauty!

black bear cabin said...

LOVE that NYB block...if i had participated this time around, i think i might have picked that as my bday block...i still want to try my hand at it, they are so cool!
Glad that the swap is winding down too...seems there's been some rough patches thru the swaps lately...glad you will be free of this swap soon! im sure it was cool, but nice to move on to something else. Your easter sampler is really cute too! I gotta get out my crosstitches and start working on them again! :)