Monday, January 22, 2007

Two posts in a day

Not trying to be an overacheiver or anything, posting twice in one day, but I thought I'd keep all the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge posts separate, regardless of other work I might do that day. Mostly, at least! And many of the TAST things will be done late in the evening anyway, so they are really the previous day's work, etc. etc.

Anyway. Here are two pages for the third week of my fabric book class - the main lessons this week were using transparencies, using metal objects on your pages and interesting ways of attaching things. Also beading, but I've done some of that before - and will do more, but not on these pages. Oh and also, some edge treatments, which I am filing away for later, as I want quite plain simple edges on these pages. An interesting note here - our teacher Lenna commented before that my pages have a lot of lines on them (this is true - I like lines) and while it's mainly been unintentional - that is, it's my natural tendency to add lines, rather than think "oh, I will put a line here", it just happens. However, on this right hand page, it's very intentional - I really wanted to use this colour fabric and didn't have a big enough piece to cut a 7" square, so the gold ribbon covers the seam line. I just noticed it doesn't look very straight - don't know if that's the photo or the piece - guess I will have to check it out :)

This page uses a transfer done by using iron-on transfer paper (the picture was from this vintage image site - which reminds me, I must scan and send them an image as a thank you), and a transparency, which is attached to the fabric using the four metal brads down the right side. The transparency is from a sheet from Artchix Studio. The left hand side isn't yet attached, but I have nebulous plans to use some stitches to attach it - either machine or hand, I haven't yet decided. There are also two small pieces of fabric from a Laurel Burch print and a sun charm, which used to be part of a necklace I was once very fond of, and which broke, ages ago. I attached it with very strong glue, and so far, it seems to be sticking, but I must say, it's a VERY heavy page!

The second page uses the ribbon I mentioned above, with four small pictures printed on fabric (also from artchix). It also uses more of the Laurel Burch fabric (which in this instance, reminded me of flags), some small watch gears, some lion-shaped sequins and the metal charm is part of an old mobile which has been in my family at least since I was a small child - if my mother is reading this, she can probably tell us where it came from, but I can't remember. It fell apart from it's mobile state a long time ago, and I have at least three of the danglies from it - possibly more, though I'm not sure. I remember one of a cruise liner which I don't seem to have - I have this one, another building and a person carrying two water buckets, that I can find, at least. Again, the page isn't completely finished, as I'm sure it wants some stitching or beads.


Saud Mohammed said...

What does TAST mean??

Kate North said...

It stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday - a project which is mentioned earlier in that paragraph. Can't respond directly to you as you are set to "no-reply"