Friday, January 05, 2007

Fabric book - day two

If I could keep this up-to-date with all my projects I've got going, I would be a happy chick, let me tell you! Unfortunately, the key to my productivity this week is that although the kids are back in school, nothing else is back to normal yet, so things that I would normally have to do, I don't, which means unexpected free time. For instance, normally I help in the nursery on a Thursday morning, but because it was the first day back yesterday, I didn't, which meant that I could go to the grocery store in the morning, which meant I had sewing time in the afternoon... Same with today - a group that normally meets Friday mornings, didn't. Won't be the same next week, though.

Anyway, here's my second set of pages - blue today, with a snowflake kind of theme. The one on the left has wet glue on it still, but you can ignore that, I'm sure! Mostly I've used different kinds of paper and ribbons as background - the circle is made of sizoflor and the square in front of it is from fused angelina folded over on itself several times. The charm is one of a pair of earrings I really liked, but lost one of. Now that I've cannibalised it for this project, I will probably find the other earring (actually, I doubt it, it's been gone for years).

The page on the right, which is the back of this set of pages, uses more ribbon, a piece of batik with snowflakes (which is what started the snowflake theme), some sequin punch, and images from Artchix. So far, there is no stitching on either page, but I'm definitely going to do some to both yesterday's and today's, once they are dry. Not sure what yet, but something. And of course, I am going to put the pages together. I'm hoping to get a little time tomorrow to work, as I rather fancy a purple page. Or maybe yellow!

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Dormouse said...

These are absolutely stunning.