Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cheer in the post

As suspected, no time for sewing today, between helping in the nursery and going grocery shopping, but I did come home to find the postman had been and had left me not just a package from South Africa, which I've been expecting and which contains blocks for the scrapbuster swap as well as fabric for me!! but also this lovely kitty, who is the first to arrive from the January cheer swap. He's very cute and cheerful and I adore the retro (or maybe it's actual vintage) fabric used on the background. Thanks to Angela for this card.

The rest of mine will go in the post box tomorrow I think - I had hoped to get them out today, but I doubt I'll get them all addressed in time to hit the post box before the school run. But I might, you never know.


Penny said...

That's a very cheerful looking cat!

I've emailed you my address, let me know if you don't get it.

Dormouse said...

She (or he) is a real cutie.

sophie said...

THERE'S that comment button ... love the very cheer-ful kitty postcard!