Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A few moments to myself

Not necessarily what I expected today, with the kids still out of school and a trip to the pantomime (Peter Pan) planned for the afternoon, but I did get a little sewing done today. First I fixed a little bit on my sunset quilt - I had to unpick a small section where I had added some extra angelina and accidentally sewed it on through the sleeve (oops) - so, after detaching it from the sleeve and sewing it on again, this time NOT through the sleeve, I put it aside to finish the binding (and sewing down the edge of the sleeve) and decided to do some more of these winter swap blocks. Again, the colour isn't great in the photo, but the four colours I am doing for the swap are a sort of topaz-gold colour, emerald green, a ruby red (bottom left) and a purple (amethyst?). I need 16 blocks and have done 8, so I feel pretty good about those. They don't have to be mailed out until February, so I'm doing ok on that one...

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