Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take a stitch challenge - week 3

The third stitch in the TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) challenge was the detached chain stitch, aka lazy daisy. I mentioned it yesterday I think. It's not my favourite stitch, and was one I always used to shy away from, probably because I'm not that good at spacing them evenly or shaping them well, as you can see from the series of stitches around the centre of the left-hand piece. However, I really like the effect of a number of these stitches clustered together or atop one another, so I might well use it that way on something in future. Worth knowing!

I know Sharon has posted the next stitch already (actually, it's well into Wednesday in Australia by now) but I'm resisting looking at it for a day or two - too many stitches buzzing around my head already at the moment. Luckily I shouldn't have too many to test out at once in most weeks, so there will be space to really play with them.

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