Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A little bit of this and that

Today's sewing consisted mainly of bits and pieces - I did a bit more work on the fibre landscape - finished off the left hand hill and got started on the right hand one. After a while I get a little tired of working with the piece (a little hard to move around under the machine, so a little goes a long way) so decided to put together the rest of the corns and beans blocks - remember them? They look great, and will now hang around for a while, while I decide whether to put a border on. I have some fabric I'm auditioning. We'll see.

I also assembled the panda blocks I bought for Alex into a quick cushion - just added some green batik sashing - I was going to use black sashing, but then decided not to be predictable. Also, I didn't have enough black :) And the back is a kind of dark grey/black batik. It's very sweet and was very simple. He'll love it. And his birthday's not for another week and a half, so time-wise, I'm doing well!


joyce said...

I think the green is perfect. The Pandas look like they are in the forest. Your scenery is looking good!

Dormouse said...

I love the pandas, they are so cute. The green sashing looks wonderful.