Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fastenings and other stuff

Played around with my fastenings postcards today - they are a little weird, and possibly not quite done (well, to be accurate, only two of them are potentially done - the others I know aren't done yet) but I don't really know what else they want. Or maybe it's just the positioning of the silk crunchies - I might have to play with them a bit tomorrow before I finish the halfway done ones.

Got some lovely post today - my March arch, from Mags - isn't it fab? And the last card for my Doorways swap, from Diane - an actual opening doorway, which is fun.

Also got this fabric from Big Horn Quilts in the US - I needed some shirting fabrics for a block background, and added a few other things, to make it worth the Global Priority Mail postage - some more Civil War repros, and a couple of crazy brights from the sale bin, which will be used for pencil rolls for some upcoming birthday parties (I told you there were lots of them coming up!)


Vicki W said...

Another great mail day for yoU!

artisbliss said...

I like your fastenings cards. I think the sequin waste looks great on them.

anne bebbington said...

That flamingo fabric looks such fun!

Di said...

Love your cards Kate. The fabric is brill. Are the motifs made with your glue gun and then painted?