Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another week of goals...

Time for the weekly review of goals - thanks to everyone who leaves me encouraging comments; it's very helpful. I have to say, the experiment of actually writing my goals down and sharing them in public has really helped me keep up with the stuff I need to do - it's much easier to focus and not get distracted and/or forget something when it's in a handy list. I think I will probably keep this up as a regular habit - whether or not I continue to discuss them at length on my blog or just update the sidebar each week will remain to be seen - guess it depends on how bored people get! Anyway, here's what I set out to accomplish last week:

  • pin together the next Hawaiian quilt top, ready for quilting (done, ready to quilt - used pretty much every safety pin I own!)
  • set of 6 postcards for Fastenings theme for BQLPC (deadline 31/3) (finished, posted yesterday - this also served another purpose - I used the shapes I made for my glue gun challenge on Textile Challenges on these cards
  • finish white quilties for Creative Swaps swap (deadline 26/4)(done and in the post as I type)
  • make a few extra churn dash blocks for the March Block Lotto on to bump the draw up to 5 winners (yes, made four extra - these are so quick I could easily have made more, but decided I had other stuff I really should do instead)
  • pull out and organise some bits for calico cat quilt for Mom - get at least one block ready for sewing by hand in the evening (did this this morning - also, put together a block which was mostly ready and changed the direction of a cat which was facing the wrong way - photos about that on the blog later)
  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 29/3)
  • make and attach binding for Hawaiian quilt and brown and purple dragonfly quilt (not including sewing it down by hand) (done, and also binding for a little batik baby quilt I forgot was waiting to be bound and a placemat. Have begun hand-sewing the binding on the Hawaiian quilt, but not finished yet).

So that was last week - this next week will probably be less productive, as I have two days where there is only a half day of school, Monday, where I have yoga in the morning anyway - might get an hour or so in - and Friday, where I will probably spend the whole day at school. And then we start our two weeks of spring holidays - kids off school - I will set some goals for those weeks, but not nearly so many, as my sewing time is very unpredictable when the kids are off school - we have a lot of errands to run (dentist, school shoes, passport renewal at the US embassy) but also, we will do some fun things, which will take us away from home during the day. And at the end, a short trip up to Grandma Lucy's house, which will involve not only no sewing, but no blogging! I might survive. Anyway, here's what I want to try to accomplish next week:

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 5/4)
  • make-up block for Kathi, birthday block swap
  • begin to quilt second Hawaiian quilt
  • pin and begin to quilt four seasons quilt swap quilt (mailing deadline 1/5)
  • prepare materials for another cat block
  • work on set of postcards for theme: Starts with P (deadline 15/4)

That should be plenty to keep me busy, though of course, several of them are fairly nebulous goals - "begin to quilt" could encompass all kinds of levels of work from almost nothing to nearly finished - but that's one of the secrets of being able to keep your goals - be flexible!

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Vicki W said...

That looks like an ambitious list given everything else you have going on. So I'm not the only one with blog anxiety when I am away from home! Have a great week!