Friday, March 28, 2008

Beach challenge

Busy today, but I did find time to finally start my Beach piece for the challenge quilts group - somehow I don't think I'll make the deadline (1st of April!) but at least I have a start now. Those of you familiar with UK beaches will hopefully recognise the left as being some rather minimalist beach huts. I intentionally made the tops not pointed, but now I'm not so sure - might have to go back and make them all pointy. Another look on google images seems to indicate that pointy is the way to go. Or maybe it will grow on me. (Ooh, or better idea - maybe I'll put some contrasting facing on the peaks - I was thinking about little white railings in front, too, that would balance nicely. Hmm, will have to have a play tomorrow, I think!)

I'm thining at the moment that I will add a deckchair in the foreground and one of those striped canvas windbreaks so popular on our beaches - but I think I will do them after the quilting - at least the windbreak, which I might make 3D, with little bits of wooden skewers for the posts. Of course, what it really needs to be accurate is a grey sky, rain, and everyone huddled around in their long trousers and jumpers, but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, I should manage to get most of the work done fairly soon as it's only a small quilt - not sure just how big but the beach huts were cut at 3.5 inches wide, so that gives you an idea of the scale.

On the right, the contents of a little parcel I received in the post today - some leftovers from a class that Anne took a while back, which she didn't think she'd use anymore, and offered them to me as backings & bits for pcs, atcs, and inchies. There's some fun stuff there - some painted fabric, including a decent amount of silks, and some interested painted papers and tyvek - I'm sure it will be useful for something. And if months go by and I never seem to touch it, well, it may appear here again in another context! Though I think that unlikely, as many of them look to be highly suitable for backgrounds.


Ruth said...

Love your little beach huts - they have similar ones in Victoria, Australia.

Great parcel from Anne!

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Kate relax! Due date for the beach quilt is May 1 not April 1.

Guzzisue said...

ooohh, I like beach huts, on the east coast each block of huts seems to have its own style.