Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer, expanded squares, and so on

So, here's what I did today - got a start on some "summer" themed postcards. I've known for a long time that I wanted to use this stamp on them (actually, ever since I saw it and bought it, thinking it would be good for a summer themed postcard) - the stamp actually has the words "wish you were here" across the bottom, but I left that off. Originally I was thinking I'd stamp a postcard sized piece of fabric to use as a background but I didn't have quite enough fabric, and anyway, I wanted more colours, so I decided to stamp the fabric (this is good fabric for stamping as it's a very close weave, so it holds the detail well), then cut it close around the stamp and use decorative stitches to sew it onto a background.

So, after I fused the stamped piece down and stitched the edges with decorative stitching in a variegated orange thread, I added a large flower (these came from a sale Early Learning Centre - I got 12 of them for £1 - bargain!) and then some metal flower mini-brads (sale rack at WH Smith - yes, I AM impressed with myself for actually using the stuff I buy). I love these - I want more in lots of designs. I do have more flowers, and also some tiny stars in gold, silver, bronze & copper colours, but I want more more more.

Anyway, next is some mini beads, also from ELC, in seashell designs (being handwork, those will probably go on tonight while I watch House and Tuesday's CSI). And I intend to finish off the edges with some of that funky fluffy hairy yarn - like the postcard I got yestrday was edged in.

Also today, I got this item in the post, which is Karen's starting piece for the Twins: Separated at Birth CCRR for my dyeing group. Not sure what I am going to do yet, but I might stencil it. The orange fabric I used for the summer cards was stencilled (with a cold wax resist) and I was reminded when I was using it today that I enjoyed using that stencil. Anyway, we'll see. It doesn't have to be work on until July, so there is plenty of time for it to hang out and tell me what it wants.

On the right is an exercise in negative space - the current issue of Quilting Arts magazine has an article about making and using expanded squares, so I gave it a try - I don't like the overall effect of this square, but I do really like the design at the top of the square, and I think it would look great with that design on all four sides - might try that some time. I like the one at the left as well - looks a bit like a bug or something.

I was glad to get some work done today, as tomorrow I won't get anything done. But that's ok, as Lana and I are going to spend the day at the National Quilt Championships at Sandown - with no kids. A whole day (well, 10-2.30 or so) of looking at quilts and quilt-related stuff (and shopping, too!). Fun!


Lucette said...

Hi Kate,

I discovered your blog through Simmy's. Like your quilts a lot. I am starting to make doll quilts, something small that I can actually finish. Your quilts are very inspiring and the colour work is great.

teodo said...

Oh oh how many posts have you put in your blog.
I left just for a few days. Tomorrow I will read everything.
The summer postcards are very nice.
ciao ciao