Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Impatience is a virtue for some

Ever since we got home from Sandown with new fabric purchases in hand, Alex has been nagging me "when are we going to make a quilt from my favics, Mummy?". And when I say nagging, I mean asking me dozens of times a day. So I decided that that would be the order of business today - some blocks for a quilt top using Alex's new fabrics and also some of the others he already has in his stash (yes, my 4YO son has a stash, LOL). Rather that just sew them all together, which was his idea, I decided to do something a little easier on the eye. Hence the square in a square in a square blocks above (just blocks at this stage, not sewn together yet). And just his thing - sharks and bears and pandas and aeroplanes, kitties and fish and cars and planets. And so on.

And this beauty in the post today - my DD2 hasn't seen it yet, which is probably a good thing, as I wonder if it would go walkies (she's into faeries big time). This is from the Picture Frame swap and is from Sue W. Nice ribbon, Sue. Sue says she got the ribbon at Sandown - I think I remember seeing it there, though you may have noticed I didn't buy any myself...


Karol-Ann said...

Lucky boy! That's a great pattern to use with novelties.

Postcard fabulous too!

Susan said...

I just caught up with your blog and have enjoyed going to see the quilts, the merchants, and spending time with your talented children...even if only through "cyberland". Though we lead very different lives, we both seem equally busy! Also, I tend to have the same sort of relationship with the "stuff" I buy! Some of it has been around unopened for too long; some gets used immediately; some came from the sale bin; and most of the time I try to justify the purchase...as if I needed a reason! I look forward to seeing your upcoming work!

teodo said...

You work so hard!
I like these quilts very much but my favourite is always the blue and white one.
ciao, ciao