Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blog comments

I've had a couple of people lately say they were unable to leave comments on my blog :( including my mother, who it wouldn't let register and Simmy, who has the great blog Echoes of a Dream over on typepad, so I've changed my preferences - you no longer have to be registered with blogger to comment here, but I've turned word verification on, to try to keep all the junk out - luckily I haven't had too much problem with that, but we don't need to start! I do love having people leave comments, even if it's just "hi, I enjoyed reading your blog today", so if you've been lurking out there not commenting, please say hi, I'd love to meet you. Anyway, if you've had problems in the past, hopefully this will fix it.

Later this summer, look out for a blogversary draw (1st anniversary of this blog is in August, though I've been blogging my family blog a lot longer than that - since July 2002! - so I guess this blog will turn 1 and the other one will turn 5 - wow) which will require you to leave comments in order to be enterred into the draw. Not sure how many prizes there will be, but certainly at least 10. (I'm thinking postcards, you won't be surprised to hear.)

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StegArt said...

Hi Kate, I enjoyed reading your blog today...I read it everytime you post, in bloglines.