Friday, June 29, 2007

Second post, with actual sewing

Just to show that today wasn't a complete loss - not that I consider catching up on email and blogs a loss, per se, but I do try to get some sewing of some description or other done most days, so it was nice to do some this evening. I hand-pieced this (foundation pieced) on magic paper, my favourite thing for hand paper-piecing (and great with the machine, too, for that matter) red and green flower - it's one quarter of the block for one of the July birthdays for my birthday block swap and I think it's going to look very pretty. I also needed some new hand work for while I watched telly, so this is a good project to have on the go.

1 comment:

Karol-Ann said...

I like it. And I'm pleased to see the postal strike, and hence no postcards in the mail, didn't affect you too badly *tease* LOL