Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lovely postcards...

Big postcard day today - but three of the five I received were only my own coming back to me. Not that I don't like my own cards, I do like most of them, but I already know what they are going to look like, so they aren't as exciting as these, which were unexpected and lovely. The one on the left is from Freida, and is not from a swap precisely - I sent her show programme from Sandown as two of her quilts were in the colour section (and her Log Cabin Ladies won the theme section) - she offered to reimburse me for it, but being me, I suggested I'd just as soon have a postcard or ATC... And I was right - I'd much rather have that card than the £3. Wouldn't you?

The card on the right is from Chris, and is for the Open Theme with Beads swap on FAI - the poppies' centres are beaded. Excellent use of beads, and a very pretty card. So that was definitely a worthwhile postal day.

Didn't get a lot of work done myself as I decided I should go buy some groceries after my tutoring session this morning (I am giving lessons in computer literacy to a friend), but I did manage to put Alex's blocks together into a top. And that was about all. No photo as it looks very similar to yesterday, though I'm sure they aren't in the same order.

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Bimbimbie said...

Gorgeous postcards, they must brighten up your day as they come through your letterbox *!*