Saturday, June 30, 2007

Contest update

Thanks to everyone for sending in some guesses for my little contest. So far Dani in Lincoln NE has guessed one correctly and Myra got three right (go Myra!). Both of them will be enterred in the draw, as will everyone else who has taken the trouble to comment, even if it's just to say they are stumped. At the moment, that "everyone else" consists of Anne B, Papoosue, Karol-Ann, Leah, Anne W and Nola. I've decided to give a few more day's grace - in fact, I know what I'll do - I'll draw the winners on Wednesday in honour of a little holiday they celebrate where I come from originally :) So if you are out there, even if you're completely stumped, leave a comment and you too could be a winner...

A little ps - I noticed that this week was also my 250th post - as I am going to do a blogversary draw in August when we're a year old, I'm not going to celebrate 250, but I'm very pleased with it, as I am trying to blog regularly and I think that number shows that I've been good about this.


Di said...


I love your postcards but I've looked and I've looked and I think I've got to the stage where 'I can't see for looking'!! In other words I am stuped.

Karol-Ann said...

OK, I'll give it another go.