Thursday, June 28, 2007

Arty farty stuff

Today I have been mostly embellishing stuff. I finished these postcards, which are for the Arts in the Mail June challenge, which is Fabric painting - I used Jacquard Lumiere paints, and Markal Paint Sticks (which I don't think I ironed enough, as they are still rubbing off a bit, though not seriously). Then I did some free motion quilting (not very well, but it's very different on a domestic machine than on a longarm - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and added some net on top to soften it a bit. Then edged them. Tada.

Then I worked a bit on the piece for Quiltswap 4 - first I made a number of little pockets of sheer fabrics with stuff inside - beads, glitter (which comes through - interesting but a bit messy), sequins, washers, seashells, angelina, star-shaped confetti, and other stuff I can't remember any more. These I did with the same method as on the triangle cards -stitched the sheer fabric down with a shape, then burned the extra away with my mini-soldering iron. After that, I used the Markal paint sticks to go around the edge of the sheer shapes for a little interest. And then I started layering yarns and stuff on it. I've only just started with that process, I plan to add a LOT more than what is on there now, but personally, I enjoy seeing things in process and though you all might also.

And I got some fun stuff in the post. A postcard from Debbie in New Zealand - this is for the summer swap on FAI. And the first issue of the journal thr3fold by Linda and Laura Kemshall, which I haven't had a chance to look at yet, but which looks very promising. I probably won't have a chance to do much with it for a while, but I just wanted it - you know how it is!

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Vicki W said...

Hi Kate - thanks for visiting and posting on my blog! How did I miss you excellent blog? It's in my reader now! I laughed at your birdwatching diversion - sounds just like what I do to people when I am talking on the phone! I spent a lot of time in London between 2003 and 2005 - I love it there. We have an office there and I should get to come back in the next year or so.