Sunday, June 24, 2007

Angelina two ways

Here's today's playing - I added some more paint onto my fabric from yesterday, in the form of Markal Paint Sticks, which I've had for a while (we won't say how long) - there are lots of ways to use the paint sticks, but I just used a stencil, rubbed the paint stick on the area I wanted to stencil and then used my finger. A little messy, but a nice effect. I think I might buy more colours at FoQ as I can see myself using these again, definitely. Nice to add something new into the repertoire.
And then I finished the cards for the Angelina swap - I added some loose wispy bits on Angelina on top of the cards, and stitched a triangle of net (from Friday's purchases! I'm on a roll...) down on the card to hold the Angelina down. I'm going to call them Angelina Two Ways...
I also stitched the binding onto the blue and white quilt so that I can sew it down. Pictures later - as it's raining (so I can't hang it on the washing line) and the quilt is a bit big to photograph easily in the house. Who knows, might even get the binding finished before I get the picture taken...
We're off shortly to go back to Sandown so the kids can see their quilts and pick some fabric for next year - I'm sure they'll have fun with that. Especially the shopping, if I know my girls!


anne bebbington said...

Like mother, like daughters - hope they don't bankrupt you too much - but great that they're interested in your interests

teodo said...

nice! I like using Angelina too.
I found it out last year at CARREFOUR QUILT EXPO and now I use everywhere I can.
ciao ciao