Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby quilt lineup

A while back I mentioned that after a long time with no one I know needing baby quilts, I now know 5 people have babies in the autumn. Since I mentioned it, the number has increased to 6, so it's certainly time to start quilting baby quilts. Probably not going to happen until summer, though, as I really need a decent stretch of uninterrupted (or only a little interrupted) time. We are very busy at the moment, and it's only likely to get worse in July as school comes to a close - especially as Olivia is in Year 6 (last year of primary school) so there are all sorts of extra things, like plays, ceremonies, etc.

However, I decided I would at least try to work out which ones I was going to use. Those of you who commented on my last post may notice that I have cheated a little by choosing at least one top which I didn't post in that last post!

I'm not going to say which quilt is for which person, just in case any of them read my blog, which they might (at least one of them does, I know for sure!) but I do think these are the six. One of them, my friend Lana (who is a professional longarm quilter) is going to quilt up because the recipient is a mutual friend.

Next step - sort out some backs. I'm going to see what I can do from larger pieces in my stash - there's got to be something which will work on most of them - they are only baby quilts after all, and the back is going to go on the floor at least some of the time!


Lynne said...

I especially love that pieced square on square quilt - lovely colours.

Gail said...

Lucky babies!

sophie said...

How great that you and Lana can collaborate on the quilt for your mutual friend.

You know why I'm smiling as I look at your selection, right? All but one of those quilts is made from block pattern choices used for the Block Lotto during one year or another ... they ALL are going to be wonderful baby quilts.

black bear cabin said...

those will all make wonderful quilts...when it rains it pours :)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those are all lovely and the recipients are all bound to love and use them. :o)