Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cross stitch Wednesday

Well, here's the update on the cross-stitch for this week - quite a bit has been done since last week - even though it doesn't look like much when you just look at it, compared to before, it's not bad. I've decided on this one to do the backstitching as I go along - for one thing, it will be less boring that way, but for another, the definition will look so much better as things go along. This is what it looked like last week:

Also, because I should work on them as well, and because I know that although it hasn't yet started to bother me, the density and constant changes of colour will begin to drive me bonkers in the houses above, I am going to alternate weeks between it and the Beach Huts, which I was working on last summer, and which I put down to do some seasonal (Hallowe'en) stuff and then never picked back up due to working on winter and Christmas stuff and being generally a bad girl...

Here's where the Beach Huts stand now - you can see the completed picture back here.


Sarah Craig said...

They are both very pretty! I really like the top one - and I certainly understand about backstitching as you go - it does make it look so much better!!

Lynne said...

Looking good!