Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Handy Labels

A little while ago, I was contacted by Pam Nelson of Mountain Street Arts about a new range of labels she has available in her etsy shop - she offered to send me some free samples for review. Of course I said yes, for one thing because I am, I confess, a bad labeller when it comes to quilting. I have good intentions but often don't follow through well (though I am usually good at writing, with fabric pen, on lighter coloured quilt backings)...

Anyway, these labels come in several designs, on nice quality twill tape, and of course, what you can have printed on them varies - though they are fairly small overall, so if you are the type of person to put a lot on a label for a quilt, they might not work for you. Some of the labels in her shop are aimed at hand knit or crocheted items - this size label would, I think, be particularly useful in something like a scarf or hat, where you are not going to want a huge label with loads of detail.

It strikes me that these will be useful for me with a lot of the smaller projects I do - if I want to add a date, I can easily do so in fabric pen onto the label itself.

She also does a range of care labels (e.g. "Machine wash on gentle, lay flat to dry") which could also come in quite handy!

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Lynne said...

Very cute labels - if I think a label is necessary for my knitting, I hand-write on card and use gold safety pins to attach them to the knits; except socks - I write them on a strip of A4 paper and wrap it around the socks.

I have to confess that I have not labelled either of my two finished quilts!