Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby quilt backings

This is a pile of the six baby quilts I need to work on, along with their backings - most of them, because they are small baby quilts, didn't need to have pieced backings, which means trying to find backings for them is a lot easier than if they were larger pieces, where the backings inevitably have to be pieced (unless I buy special extra wide fabric, which I am trying to avoid doing). There was at least one pieced one, though.

This is the first one that I'm going to work on - this weekend, so it can go off to its new home - with its backing ready. Shouldn't take long, as it's quite small, and I won't do anything too fancy for quilting.

This is the one which Lana is going to quilt as the recipient is a mutual friend. So it's now at her house, which is great, because it means it's out of my pile! (This is the one with the pieced backing - it's a little wider than some of the others. I decided that since a) the recipient of this quilt already has two kids who might want to join the baby on the quilt it would be nice to be a little bigger and b) it's being longarmed anyway, so it's not like it will take me longer to do!)

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Sarah Craig said...

My goodness, you've got your work cut out for you! They all look so pretty.....