Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday stuff

No work done today (well, a little cross-stitch this evening), but a few things to show, nonetheless - a cross-stitch update for the week - as you can see, it's coming along nicely. Should be done before long - just a few more letters, a border and a few doodads to fill in.

And these are the Block Lotto blocks I mentioned yesterday - I intend to make some more for the lotto as they are really sweet, but two is what I've managed so far. I also think this block would be great with a variety of colours - using the black and white as is, but then substituting scraps for the pink squares (the same in a single block, I think, but different throughout the quilt). It would be a nice way to use 5" squares (the pink squares are 2" finished).

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Lynda said...

As a Project Linus coordinator, I'm always looking for easy blocks which use scraps. This one has a lot of possibilities!