Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, here are a selection of ATCs which are up for grabs (well, for swapping). Anyone interested, just drop me a line. One per customer, please, and if you have a preference, please specify!


Ati said...

Hi Kate, so nice of you to offer a few of your art items for a swap. Can I swap with you? I prefer one of the grey-blue with the leaf and the metal? hand.
I will send you a needlefelt atc in return.
Please write me your address.
Thank you in advance. Ati.

Wil said...

Kate, I would love to swap with you. I am easy, I like them all, you pick one.

McIrish Annie said...

don't want to swap, just stopping by to say hello! things are quite insane here. love your kitties, they are coming along nicely.

your daughter's postcard is fabulous. she obviously gets her creative artsy gene from her mom!

Ira said...

Kate, you did so great pieces of art. Can I swap with you?
Thank you.