Friday, April 24, 2009

Pressies from Cathi

So, Cathi has come to visit for the weekend, after spending the week in Sweden visiting Barbara, and of course, she's brough me some pressies. Here are a Swedish teatowel and a pushy up moose toy for my collection (of pushy-up toys, not of moose).

And here are my long-awaited socks (not that it's taken her long to do them, but I am impatient!) and a few bits of fabric from Barbara and some dear jane blocks from Cathi for our swap. Phew! Great pressies all, though my socks are the best of course!


Julie said...

Welcome home (well nearly!) to Cathi and have a great weekend together.

Vicki W said...

Cathi is jsut spreading gifts everywhere! I love your new socks!

Kitty said...

Those socks are fabulous - love the colour, love the pattern. x