Saturday, April 04, 2009


I feel a little strange today, not having much to show, as usually Saturday is a good quilting day for me - but there were a lot of things to do around the house, errands to run, and then it was just such a lovely day that I had to spend lots of time sitting in the sun in the garden and the park, reading my book and chatting with a friend or two. What a hard life! Actually, with two weeks off school coming up, losing a weekend day of sewing wasn't such a problem. I know I'll get a few extra days in the upcoming weeks, as we only have a few things planned.

Anyway, here is the finished Easter cross-stitch. This one is going off to a new home, but I think I am going to stitch it again, in a different colourway. I have some pale blue canvas and I think it would be fun with a white rabbit, and pastel abc's and eggs. We'll see. Might even manage to finish it before Easter if I start tomorrow!


Lynn W. said...

Cross stitch is definitely one craft I miss being able to do. Good news is that I found my way to your blog! Lynn in San Diego

mumzy said...

Cute bunny. I bet if you stitch another one in the colours you described, it would be beautiful.