Monday, April 13, 2009

Arc of a cat

No whole cats to show today - though for the sake of good taste, I have resisted titling this post "disembodied cats". I did work on the quilt, as shown above - got all 6 of the remaining backs done. The next step will be to piece the two curves either side of the arc, and then add the background and cat bodies - those are fairly easy additions as all of them are simple shapes, like squares and rectangles. Once that's done, I can join the major pieces together with the other background fabric. All that should go fairly quickly, but I anticipate hitting a stalling point after that - I have to make 20 pieced tails - they are miniature versions of the backs. And then they have to be appliqued on. Ho hum. So I may take a break before I get to that.

For those of you who may be new here, there is a photo of what the finish quilt is meant to look like somewhere back in the dim past of my blog.


mumzy said...

You should have all the blocks done soon, especially now that you have the Arcs done. Looking good!

Kathy said...

Now, Kate, you know that cats don't say 'arc, arc'. Dogs say that. Cats say meow.