Saturday, April 18, 2009

Purple Roses

Here are the two things I actually worked on today - I put the outer sashing on the cats - it will now have a sawtooth border around that - this will take a while to piece. I also started working a block with a purple rose theme for the April block for the birthday block swap - I have all the pieces ready (except the stems) - just have to work out how I want to put them together. I have used a pattern for a single rose, with bud & two leaves, but I decided to add another rose, so now of course I will need to fiddle around with it - I can't ever keep anything simple, of course! In the original pattern, the stem was pieced as well, but I may end up do bias strips appliqued on, as it may work better. We'll see - I'm going to try to get the piece together tomorrow, if I don't get too frustrated with it!

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