Monday, August 27, 2007

Mine, all mine!

Here's my newest acquisition - this totally cool felted basket with a moebious handle, which Cathi made a while back. I kept admiring it, and she decided to give it to me [note to self: try this technique in, say, the Tate, in front of the big Monet waterlily painting, LOL]

To be fair, she had already promised to make me another one, so I did know I'd get a felted bowl at some point (and I was looking forward to it), but in the end, she decided that as this is already my favourite colour, and it was here and I was here, I could have this one. How cool is that? answer: very cool, of course.

Anyway. I love it. You can see it on Cathi's blog here - and watch for future felted things, too. I'd have loved to have some funky felted slippers, but unfortunately, I can't wear wool, so that's a no go. But I am very very happy with my bowl (and now I will definitely have to leave my funky retro miniquilt with Cathi - perhaps that was her intention all along!)


AmyB said...

I'd say you BOTH won in this trade!

Karol-Ann said...

Good trade except those were Cathi's fabrics you used, so was this your wool she felted? LOL (I really am so silly!)

ps Belated Blog-versary!

Julie said...

Sounds like you wore Cathi down! Lol But then, fair exchange is no robbery :)) It's a lovely basket and a greta reminder of your friendship.

Cathi said...

Uh oh, you sussed me out! I was angling to keep the cool quilt!

The fact that you like it so much makes me feel very proud :-)

Better get back to watching Persuasion with you in real life, lol!


blackbearcabin said...

i think it was her intention as well, but sounds like you two both scored! im enjoying your blogs from ireland and glad you guys are having so much fun! thanks for sharing!