Friday, July 06, 2007

The year of making postcards...

So I was reading Joanna's blog last night and she recently did a look back at some of her favourite cards she has received in the two years she has been swapping postcards (some are great - have a look - and she promises to list some of the favourites she's made, too, though she hasn't got to it quite yet) and I thought that would be a great idea for when I get to the end of the first year I've been swapping cards. Then I looked back at my gallery and realised that I did my first proper swap in July 2006, which means, ta da - here I am, one year swapping cards. I did a rough count of the card I have received, and it's about 175 to date, almost all of which were swapped for other cards - a few early ones weren't and there are a few miscellaneous ones which were swapped for something else or sent as a thank you, or for winning a draw.

So, in no particular order, here are ten of the favourite cards I have received so far. I should say that I did make a conscious effort not to pick multiples by the same people, though there were several cases where I liked more than one card by an artist very much. I should also say that I could probably do this exercise again next week and come up with at least half of the selection completely different!

left: Freida, right: Judi

left: Mandy, right: Celia

left: Cobi; right: Amy

left: Beth; right: Janet

left: Kandy; right: Sheila

Maybe on Sunday, when I'm exhaused from working at the school summer fair I'll post my favourites of the ones I've made myself. As there's no chance I'll do any sewing on Sunday, anyway...


anne bebbington said...

I love the chocolate one!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really like the postcards and the bottom right one....maybe a sunset!

I left a comment yesterday, but it didn't appear :(....I really admire your creative ENERGY. do I start making postcards and swapping? I'm ready. Is there a site you can direct me to? I think the size of the postcards appeal to me and my time constraints. I also have a hankering to make a quilt like your postcard quilt! Thanks for inspiring me.

Oh....the answers to the contest were rather easy ;)...sheesh...I was thinking too deeply.

Peggy (Qu├ębec, Canada)

Amy said...

Aw, thanks for including me, Kate! My delicate leaf is in amazing company -- I think that chocolate bar is one of the all-time best I've seen.

And 175 cards in a year -- that's A-MA-ZING!

Joanna van said...

These are great! I really like that chocolate one. It's so well done. Thanks for showing your favorites.