Thursday, July 26, 2007

Double sided (but still tailless) cats

Well, here's a double ended cat. So to speak. Sorry about the bad lighting, it's late here and getting better lighting is too complicated for me to cope with at the moment. Anyway, this is one of the units composed of two cats - the top row of the quilt has single cats, then there are two double rows (you can check the pattern out - it's in yesterday's entry).

Thanks to everyone for all the comments about the cats - they seem really popular, even among people who aren't cat mad. I can see why, as I was attracted to them, despite not being a cat person, per se (I like cats fine, have nothing against them, have lived with them in the past, but am not a Cat Person). The funny thing is, as I was saying in an email to Susan earlier, I had been putting off working on this quilt because of all the fiddly bits, and not being sure I'd enjoy it, and actually, between the work itself, which is going well (the handwork in front of the telly is particularly relaxing - perhaps I'll tackle a New York Beauty when this is done), and all the lovely comments, it's really fun.

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