Monday, July 02, 2007

A (very) little sewing & lots of rain

Here's one of my July blocks for the birthday block swap - this one is for Linda, to match one of her rooms - red and green on cream, but not bright reds and greens, but rather the more country, muted ones. I hope I have matched that request well. I need to press it and fix one tiny thing which will otherwise bug me :) but it's nearly good to go. Completely hand-pieced, as it was my telly project over the last few nights.

And I got this triangle postcard today from Beth M, which I love - she made the triangle stamp herself using foam shapes - how clever is that - and yes, I'll be trying it out.

Didn't get much sewing done during the day (or any, in fact) but I did go pick lots of fruit and veg and make a strawberry pie - most of which is now gone... (the pie, not the fruit & veg).

Oh, and another thing for Canadian Girl - here's one idea of how to display inchies or similar - isn't this great? But then, I love most everything Sara (Fabric of Meditation) makes.

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Susan said...

I've never swapped anything...too new to all this. A month or so ago I'd never heard of an "inchie"...but I never would have written a post wondering what one might do with a bunch of them. There are just so many possibilities. How would I respond to such a question...well...all of a sudden, a beautiful image came to mind...I'd seen it once...a link from someone's blog...I saw the country Austria and immediately clicked to a spectacular image. Thoughts races through my mind...Could I find this blog again? Could I link to this heavenly vision of inchies in a sort of spiritual triptych? Where was the Internet path to this vision? Then I realized, it was on your blog. I agree with you wholeheartedly, the Austrian lady's use of her received inchies is one of the most meaningful expressions of artistry ever. I hope your anonymous write has a good look! Thanks for listing such great blogs.