Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teacher Thank Yous

As promised, here at the postcards that the girls made for their teachers for thank-yous this year - because the cards are not going to be mailed, we cheated a little and just glued down all the beads & sequins instead of sewing them. I did help a bit with the edging especially on Olivia's cards, but on the whole they did them themselves, especially the selection and layout. I think they are lovely and the teachers better be pleased to recieve them.

The green one above is Olivia's, the two below are Sarah's (each class has a teacher and a teaching assistant).

And the two below are Olivia's - for various reasons, she's had two teachers job-sharing this year, so she made three cards.


Susan said...

Your kids are so fortunate to be learning so much more than manners but fibers and the power of international communications. My congratulations goes to them as well as to you! Awesome!

Karol-Ann said...

Lovely cards! So much nicer than chocolates or smellies. Well done girls!

ruth said...

Gorgeous postcards, your girls have done a wonderful job. I would have loved to receive something like that from one of my students when I was teaching.