Monday, July 02, 2007

Hey, Canadian Girl!

Someone yesterday asked (don't know who it was, as it was an anonymous post, though she did say she was from Canada) what a gibbon is - this is not some obscure English quilting term - this is the stuffed toy on Sarah's postcard - it's a kind of monkey with long arms. She also asked what one does with inchies once one has them. When I figure out the answer to that question, I'll let you all know...


sophie said...

I almost started making/trading inchies just so I could make a charm bracelet from them ... so there's my suggestion ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Canadian Girl is Peggy...from Qué blog is not up-to-date so I didn't want to give my address for it yet....sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the low-down on a gibbon....inquiring minds.

I like the idea about charm bracelets using inchies...I had read about these a few months ago, but time got away from me so I didn't go further with it.

Peggy (Québec, Canada)