Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lots of quiltie presents

Went to the airport today to collect my mother who is visiting for a few weeks - got stuck in the most appalling traffic, which was very boring. Luckily, having my mother here compensates for the boredom, even without all the goodies she brought me. And with the goodies, well, so much the better. Here's a Diva Fiber Cord Maker I ordered from Joggles and had sent to her address - saw it on someone's blog, but can't remember whose now - but looks fun. And this small quilt is my quilt from the Twisted Mystery 2 Challenge on Quilt Shoppe Forum - it's made by Vicki, and actually, I'd seen pictures of it before, but this is the first time I've seen it in person - it is, of course, even nicer in person than in photos. Now to work out where there might be space to hang it!

These books are from a bunch I bought second-hand from a friend on one of my lists - there was a third one, too, which I can't remember what it was - something about scraps - but it seems to have walked away before being photographed. I'm sure it's around somewhere though. I'm not buying a lot of books about scrap quilting, even though I enjoy it, but it's hard to resist the ones that are really cheap.

The fabric is a suprise - there's a nice quilt shop up near where my aunt & uncle live in New York (this is my mom's brother), so she often visits there - the shop is in Hammondsport, New York - and she bought me all these funky fabric - there are some fat quarters on the right, and larger pieces on the left. I love fabric (as you might know), so I'm happy.

And the post - two cards (three actually, but one was my own lantern coming home) - G is for Grapes, from Priscilla in the "G is for..." swap. And a lovely purple one for the Anything Goes swap on ArtWeMail.

I did actually do a little work - I made the binding for the floral quilt for Marjorie, which has come back from the longarmer and looks lovely. I attached it as well, so I can get it mostly sewn down tonight at quilt group, I hope. Close to the deadline, but looks like we'll make it. Whew!

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Karol-Ann said...

Lovely to have your Mum for the holidays - I'm hoping to 'import' mine too. Hope mine brings me some loot too LOL.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the finished floral quilt.