Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another one of those time-suck days

Once again, the intentions I had to get some work done went by the wayside. The cause this time was a trip to a music shop - with the girls desperate to learn the clarinet, I need to hunt down some easy sheet music (which could have waited a little while) and buy some softer reeds than those I happen to have left from my clarinet playing days (which couldn't wait as they could really get much sound out on the harder ones).

So a trip to Kingston, which was the closest I could find a music shop, though I've heard rumours of one in Rayne's Park, which would be nice - much closer. Wasn't in the phone book, though. Anyway. Music shop was just what I needed - good big one with lots of selection and helpful people and we took the opportunity while in Kingston to grab a birthday present for a party later this month as well. And having parked in the John Lewis carpark, well, I couldn't leave without a brief visit to the haberdashery department. I didn't actually buy as much as it looks like in the photo - two of those items are for Alex (bribe for being dragged shopping) to make cards for his nursery teachers for the end of the year. His are the dolphin shaped paper punch (which I'm sure I'll get some use out of at some point - I've got a set of "blue" themed cards coming up, which might want some dolphins scattered on them, for instance - and the felt butterflies (looks like a pink blob in the photo). Mine are the shisha mirrors (blue again - notice a theme?), the tiny square jewels, and the purple thread, which, miracle of miracles, was something I actually needed!

The block on the right is a thank-you gift for the birthday swap I am currently hosting. It's from Keri, who is in the one group of the swap I am not in myself (there are 3 groups). My own "birthday" in the swap isn't until the very end, which is like next May or so, but she had this made as a possible block for someone who changed her mind about colours, and as it suited my theme (any block, any size using self-tones or hand-dyes in a black or BOB background - I'm aiming for an Amish feel but in a much more me kind of way - I'm not big on true solids, finding them somewhat austere), she sent it as a thank you. Now I will have to contrive not to lose it between now and when the rest of the blocks come in - easier said than done, no doubt.

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