Sunday, July 01, 2007

Scotties, Inchies, Gibbons, Girls

So, here's the Scottie dog top - I finished the bow ties and decided to put them together alternating direction so they formed rings. I was considering adding a black strip down each side, but now I'm not so sure. I need to lay it out on Sarah's bed when she isn't around and see if it's too narrrow or not. But still, nearly done - it won't be quilted until the autumn though - that's when I've booked a slot to longarm it (myself).

And today's playing was with tinies - these are the proverbial inchies - one inch square. Not quite as fiddy to play with as I thought - especially the edging, which I thought might be a bit tedious, but was ok. I have developed a method :) which involves starting with a 2.5 inch square - hence four of each design. I'll definitely be doing more of these, as they didn't take nearly as long as I thought they would.

And I started working with the girls on their cards for a kids & grandkids exchange on ArtsintheMail. Sarah's card is finished, and will be going to Dylan in New Zealand. She took a picture of her toy gibbon holding a sign that said Rock On, and set it askew on a blue background. She then added glitter to the words and cotton wool to the gibbon's fur and covered the whole thing in a blue net, and finished with a decorative stitch. I gave some suggestions and supervised, especially her first foray into using the rotary cutter (yikes) but she did the work herself.

Olivia's card is very different and very Olivia. She cut lots of bits out of some novelty fabric I have of shoes and bags and then made a person with it. In the end, we decided to use glue to hold it down. Next step will be some angelina, I think, and maybe some glitzy bits. We'll probably work on it some more next weekend, as I doubt we'll get much time in the week.


Angelcat said...

Your inchies look great, you'll have to share your technique as when I made some they seemed to take forever! I LOVE the cards your kids made, they are just fab!

Anonymous said...

You and your girls are so creative. What do you do with the inchies? Do they get incorporated into a bigger project?

I love the cards. This Canadian girl would like to know what a "gibbon" is? :)

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Kate, your girls are going to be taking over your fabric stash and machine .... great cards *!*

I remember the song from the Goodies - do do do the funky gibbon, we are here to show you how ....... LOL

Jeri said...

oh, Kate! I love your inchies and your quilt top. I have a dog that looks a bit "scotty". You do lovely work!

Jeri in Texas