Monday, July 30, 2007

That star again

Well, here we have a lovely "winter" postcard from Joan (I really like this tree) and The Star Block in yet another colourway. This one is a nine inch treatment for Joy for the birthday swap (two August blocks done and it's not even the 1st yet - woohoo - but I will be away for substantial parts of August, so I am trying to get organised). She wanted bright batiks with a navy or midnight blue background - this photo was taken in full sun, very bright (for once!) so it's actually a wee bit bright than in person, but gives the general idea. I like it. It's bright, but funky. Hopefully, Joy will like it too. One more to go (and she wants something "summery" - in beach/southwest type colours - the colours I think I have a fairly good idea of, but no idea what I'll do for the block yet; probably not this star, though) and I can tick August off the list.


Karol-Ann said...

Stop teasing me!! You know I want one... Where's my star then, huh? LOL

Vicky said...

Love the block Kate. For the summer block how about turquoises, bright pinks, or sherbet colors and maybe ocean waves block??


ruth said...

Gorgeous block, the colours look wonderful. I like the postcard too.