Sunday, July 29, 2007

Postcards with help

We worked on two sets of postcards today - Sarah helped with both of them. The red cards are for the swap Something beginning with H. After a lot of internal debate and dithering, I decided to go with "holes" - here using eyelets and an eyelet setter. Sarah helped punch the holes, but found she wasn't really strong enough to set the eyelets. The decorative stitching and the flowers are there because the eyelets alone were too boring...

We also worked on some cards for the "pink & purple" swap - the above is a prototype. We did eight cards up to the stage of adding the beads & sequins, which is done by hand, but the photo I took of them all together made them look blue rather than purple, whereas the colour is much truer on this photo. We have lots of fun with the loosely themed swaps - the kids often help me decide what to put on them - in this case, we used paper shapes, a skeleton leaf, angelina, a piece of sheer fabric, ribbon, sequins, beads & tiny jewels. And thread, of course. Not sure how they will be edged yet, but probably fairly traditionally as I don't have any eyelash yarn in either pink or purple. Actually, I think I might do satin stitch in a different colour of pink or purple down each side - that would be easy, but fun.

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Susan said...

Yes, "H" is for "holes...perfect! What a great lesson for the girls...having the creativity to actually put a hole in a work of art!
Beautiful work, as always!