Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Contest winners!

Well, many thanks again to those of you who played along with this little contest - I hope you had fun guessing stuff :) Oh and, I didn't mention them on my blog, but thanks also to Vicky (3 guesses right) and Jo (2 right), who were late (ish) entries, but WERE in the draw.

Anyway, I wish I could send everyone who commented or guessed a postcard, but I only have 5 going spare, so the five winners are: Karol Ann, Leah, Myra, Caroline and Dani. Send me your snail mail addresses, ladies, and I will put your card in the post later this week (confession: I still haven't edged them yet - stuff keeps coming up!)

And watch this space, as I think I might run some more contests, whenever I can think of a thinly veiled excuse for a little fun. The next one will be my blogversary draw in August, but even after that, maybe a couple of postcards up for grabs, or some inchies, once a month or so - that is, if anyone would be interested, LOL...

Oh, and I bet you want to know the answers, right? Here you go:

Top left: things with holes (washers, beads, sequin punch); bottom left: shiny things (washers, foil, gold lame fabric)

Top centre: things which are round (sequins, washers, buttons); bottom centre: things which start with W (woman, washer, weaving) (this was the hard one)

Top right: things which are silver (aluminium foil, silver textured paper, washers); bottom right: things which are metal (washers, safety pins, watch gears)


Karol-Ann said...

A winner? Me? Ooohhh! I hope this is the start of my lucky streak LOL although with my DH threatening to bash through into my sewing room any minute, I doubt it!

anne bebbington said...

Isn't everyone interested in blog draws - but could we have something next time that doesn't need Mensa membership please (VBG) or maybe my mind just doesn't work that way!

Papoosue said...

Blimey Kate, I had thought along those lines and thought 'Nah, it won't be that'!!! Congratulations to the winners - well done!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, gosh, I haven't won anything in years. thanks!