Friday, July 20, 2007

A watery day

So, here's a photo of the cord maker in action - I finished quite a long piece of lovely blue cord, which I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, but at least I know how to use it now (it's really easy - great for watching telly or on an airplane). The cord was kind of experimental, so it has no purpose waiting for it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it appear in some postcards at some point... That was from last night.

I did actually get some work done today - I tidied up my sewing room, which had become a repository for stuff, and finished the blue cards. I was going to start another group of cards, but didn't have enough pelmet vilene on hand, so made the mistake of suggesting to my mother and Alex that we go out to New Malden in search of some and have a nice coffee and run a few more errands while we were there. Hey, it was raining, but a little rain never hurt anyone, right? Well, this wasn't a little rain, it was a deluge. Serious rain, and flash floods. Wow. In the end the abandoned the attempt to get to the shop that sells the vilene as we heard it was flooded and they were moving stock upstairs, so we thought it an errand better accomplished on a different day. If you want to get an idea what the flooding was like, you can check out the photos on my family blog... We did get the coffee, though :)

Anyway. I also got this postcard in the mail from Debbie - it was from the June challenge (Fabric painting) on Arts in the Mail. Suprised the postman managed to get here, through all the rain & floods! (By the way, the water is receding from the back garden now - it's gone down at least 4 inches from the photos.)


Helen in the UK said...

Glad it was only your garden that flooded. We stayed dry here - some huge puddles, but no flooding. I really feel for those who weren't so lucky :)

Susan D said...

It's so frightening how bad the weather has been this summer. Saw pictures on news last night of latest floods very scary. Glad it was only your garden that was flooded.