Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cute happy applique sun in lieu of real sun

In the post today - a happy sun from Barbara in Florida, who I did a private swap with after she left a comment on my blog, and some lovely Civil War Repros (or at least similar if not actual repros) from my Fat Quarter Frenzy club.

I was glad to have some treats in the post today, because as it happens, there will be no sewing (maybe a little hand stuff in front of the telly tonight) - I did have about an hour I could have done something in, but I decided to eat some lunch and catch up on some emails. It was just one of those days where stuff kept coming up - I did, however, tutor my friend Caroline on how to use her computer, ride my bike to New Malden to book my yoga class for the autumn (finally - they are really late with allowing us to book this term - the class finished Monday!), bought a few groceries, went to the bike shop to get a lock for Olivia's bike, halfway make some non-dairy chocolate ice cream (will do the rest when the kids get home from school - one of the girls I mind is allergic to milk, so we do soya/rice for chocolate ice-cream, but it's so rich, you can't tell the difference--recipe on the family blog, click link above), catch up on lots of emails, do a load of laundry, finish ordering my shopping and probably a bunch more stuff I can't think of at the moment.


anne bebbington said...

Kate - the non-dairy chocolate ice cream sounds good - DD1 is trying to stick to non-dairy to help her IBS - I'd love the recipe if you get a minute - cheers, Anne

ps the Sunshine postcard is a real day-brightener

Anonymous said...

Kate, I'd love the recipe too as I can't eat ice cream due to the milk.

Vicky from Dyehards