Sunday, July 01, 2007

More contest updates

A big thank you to all those lurkers out there who have taken my plea to heart and decided to have a guess at my little contest - and to those who have just commented or emailed to say they are mystified - nice to hear from all of you, whichever camp you are in! Here's the updated list of people who have been enterred into Wednesday's draw:
  • Caroline (3 guesses right!),
  • Di
  • Barbara in Florida
  • Peggy in Quebec (happy Canada Day, Peggy!)
  • Dani in Lincoln NE (1)
  • Myra (3)
  • Anne B
  • Papoosue
  • Karol-Ann (who now has 5 correct guesses - I defy her to get the sixth!)
  • Leah
  • Anne W
  • Nola

Oh and if you have any free time - ha ha, what's that - be sure to check out these ladies' blogs - a few of them are new to me, but some I have been reading for ages and would sure miss.

And now, off to check the weather forecast, which is what I logged onto the computer for (today, it's raining, I worked that out by looking outside, but I want to know if it's EVER going to stop!) - and then some sewing. Hoorah.

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