Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nothing much to say

Spent the day today shopping in Guildford and having lunch in a proper restaurant, with my mother and my friend Lana. We had a nice day, bought a few things, mostly earrings in the Accessorize half price sale, and of course hit the Lakeland shop. I didn't buy much craft stuff, but these two things were in the bargain section - the stamps were something I had looked at in the catalogue before but deemed too expensive - at half price, they seemed more reasonable. And the little brads were just 99p, so I couldn't resist.

I got home to find these two postcards in the post - the fishy one is from Mary for the Anything Goes swap on Art We Mail; the bluebells are from JoAnn in Alaska for the blue swap on FAI. (Tomorrow, I will get my own blue cards done and perhaps posted - they only need backing and edging, so it shouldn't be that hard to accomplish...)

I did play a little bit with my new cord maker while watching House tonight, but haven't taken a photo yet - perhaps tomorrow; I'm too tired tonight to deal with it! And still full from lunch (& dessert).

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Unknown said...

Those stamps, enlarged, would make fabulous applique patterns - a bit like the Dilys Fronks black gates that were so popular not so long ago