Quilt tops

Tops which are finished and waiting to be quilted.  A lot of the baby quilt tops I don't quilt in advance of actually needing them, because they take up less space to store if they are just tops.  The other pieces, well, there's less excuse for them, though I am slowly making my way through them by having them longarmed a few at a time either just because or for specific occasions. Here's what's in the piles at the moment:
  • 12 tops, March 2019 (Rainbow Strings made into baby quilt for a present, August 2018; Black and Bright Quilt finished for baby present, March 2019)
  • 14 tops, June 2018 (Hawaiian Dreams off to longarmer, April 2018;  Japanese Taupe Lady of the Lake off to longarmer, April 2018; Squaring the Rectangle off to the longarmer, April 2018; Stained Glass Quilt finished June 2018; Abstract Art quilt given as baby present, June 2018; Black and Bright quilt back on list (must find photo), as apparently it wasn't donated to Linus, just at the bottom of  a stack somewhere)
  • 18 tops January 2018 (Double Chevrons finished as a wedding present, July 2017; Purple Tumblers baby quilt finished as a present, January 2018; Scrappy HST quilt finished as a present, December 2017;  Bright & Black baby quilt donated to Project Linus)

Black and White "Windows" quilt, May 2015

African Block Swap quilt (48x60), top assembled May 2014

Scrappy Dreams (38x46"). October 2014, using the Peaches & Dreams pattern by Judy Laquidara, but in all scraps rather than monotone, as usual...

Tiny Scrappy Log Cabin 42x42". May 2013.  This was made with 1" strips from my scrap basket- totally scrappy, just using red centres and lights and darks on opposing sides of the block. It served as my leaders and enders project for some time. I do enjoy playing around with log cabin settings, and I had just the right number of blocks for this one.

Vicki's Strips. 37x46. Vicki brought me some lovely hand-dyed strips on a visit in 2011 and I made a top with them in February 2013. 

Dear Jane Wallhanging. 42x42". (April 2010) This is another fairly recent one - although my friend Cathi and I started swapping these 6" DJ blocks a while back (August 2007), we only finished fairly recently, so there's no guilt about the blocks hanging around for any length of time. Yet!

Framed Hand-dyed squares. 56x62. November 2009. These blocks are from a swap with my dyeing group in 2005. I know this because each swapper signed and dated one of the blocks (I can't remember how many we sent in total) - not sure if that's a handy reminder or a terrible nag, at this stage...

Batik quilt. 44x56". These blocks originally came from yet another block swap - we swapped 3x18" blocks and a number (can't remember how many) of 9" blocks - some of which I know I gave away for whatever reason. Anyway, these blocks were put into a top in November 09, but I'm sure the blocks had been hanging around for several years before that.

Scrappy string quilt. 46x46. These string blocks were from several sources - both a swap and my own stash. I had loads of them, and some of them I made into a quilt for Cathi, and some I sent to LisaJo. I don't know when the swap was that I took part in, but the top was finished in  March 2009. Of course, the quilt I made for Cathi was back in August 2006, so some of the blocks have been around for a while!

Christmas table topper. 36" square. These blocks are a few from a swap of Christmas blocks of this design which I did with Scrap Quilting Forum - most of the blocks I got were red & green and I decided a while ago I didn't want them, but I kept the blue ones to make a table topper. Don't really know which Christmas the swap was originally intended for (ok, I checked, the swap was in summer 2006 and the top was assembled in June 2008) but it's been far too long and I should really get it sorted.

Basket mini quilt: 22" square. (nb: backing pieced).  I won the basket blocks from the block lotto in May 2007 and have used a number of them as mini quilts for various occasions - a couple of quilt angel situations, a blog giveaway and so on. This one I intend to keep for myself, so I used for the setting fabrics a fish fabric which I love and don't have much more of.  This is the smallest UFO I have and as such, shouldn't really be that hard to finish. But it's just one of those things.

"Flying Pigs". 82" square. Oct 2005-Oct 2006. A  Nesting Round Robin (where you add a different border or row each month, depending on instructions, only you keep the piece yourself rather than send it around to others to work on). This one was on the Scrap Quilting Forum on Delphi. Each month a different one of the players gave an instruction as to the type or style of border. I made my quilt entirely in hand-dyed fabrics - most of them mine, a few from swaps with others. On the right is the whole quilt - or as much of it as I am able to show indoors on my bed - the twisted ribbon border is the outer border. On the left is a little more detail of the central part. If you want to see the whole thing from centre to complete top, I have an set of photos in my flickr album. Once again, this originally wasn't quilted because I didn't feel my quilting skills lived up to it. And I didn't know what I want to do with it. I'm confident about my quilting skills now, but still have idea how to quilt it.
  • 22 tops January 2017 ("Difficult" Fabric Baby quilt finished as a gift; Red & White Spokes babyquilt finished as a gift; Oriental Lanterns off to longarmer)
  • 25 tops January 2016 (Log Cabin Crumb quilt finished as a gift; Low volume hearts donated to Project Linus; Scrappy Stars to Longarmer; Cool and Warm Wonky Log Cabins to longarmer to be quilted for gifts; Batik framed four patch finished as baby quilt; birthday block swap quilt top with tiny blue centre finished as baby quilt; Hawaiian dreams quilt added, African quilt added as somehow not on list; black and white "windows" baby quilt added)
  • 28 tops July 2015 (Brown and Purple Funky 4 patch to be finished up as baby quilt; black, white & green baby quilt moved to Linus pile; Orange and Blue French Braid quilt gone to longarmer; Hawaiian shirt baby quilt to be finished up as gift; Irish Chain baby quilt to be finished up as a gift)
  • 33 tops 4 Jan 2015 (Scrappy Baby Quilt with Cherries finished; Purple Layer Cake gone to longarmer; Double Chevron top added; Red & White Spokes baby quilt added; Scrappy Dreams top added)
  • 32 tops 6 May 2014 (Japanese Taupe Baby quilt finished; Red, Blue & Green Oriental, Green Rectangles, California Courthouse Steps, Shabby Chic quilt tops to longarmer. Scrappy Baby Quilt with Cherries & Japanese Taupe Lady of the Lake added)
  • 35 tops 31 Dec 2013 (Brown and Black Heart quilt finished, Purple Tumblers added)
  • 35 tops 7 Sept 2013 (sent HST sampler, Xmas Oh My Stars and Modern Clover to longarmer. Green and Purple Handdyes to be finished by Lana for baby gift for a mutual friend)
  • 39 tops 6 May 2013 (added crumb log cabin set in handdyes, low volume heart baby quilt, tiny log cabins, difficult fabric babyquilt and Japanese taupe rail fence variation)
  • 34 tops 8 April 2013 (finished Amish Table Runner)
  • 35 tops 21 March 2013 (finished pink & purple rectangle baby quilt)
  • 36 tops 20 February 2013 (added Irish Chain Baby Quilt and Vicki's Strips; sent Splash of Lime, Hawaiian Shirts and Blue and Brown Cats to longarmer; quilting funky houses quilt)
  • 38 tops 13 January 2013 (added Squaring the Rectangle; Scottie Dog quilt longarmed & finished for Christmas)
  • 38 tops 21 October 2012 (had scrapbuster quilt longarmed; added scrappy stars, green & purple hand dye baby quilt and pink & purple baby quilt)
  • 36 tops 20 August 2012 (added Slash a Stash Shabby Chic; quilted Little Rail Fence and Robin's Egg; had large red & white quilt longarmed)
  • 38 tops 8 July 2012 (donated hand-dye log cabin, added black & white & green quilt; swapped scrappy hearts for other black & brown scrappy hearts)
  • 38 tops 30 June 2012 (added Orange and Blue French Braid quilt)
  • 37 tops 17 June 2012 (finished brown/blue scrappy)
  • 38 tops May 2012 (finished blue rectangles baby quilt)
  • 39 tops 29 April 2012 (added Batik framed 4-patch. Completed pink & brown pinwheel.)
  • 39 tops 22 April 2012 (added Modern Clover, blue and brown scrappy, and scrappy HST top. Completed disappearing nine-patch and stretched stars)
  • 38 tops 2 April 2012 (added pink & brown pinwheels, brown and purple funky four patch; hand-dye funky log cabins)
  • 35 tops 31 December 2011 (finished Jacob's Ladder Batik Quilt; added Xmas Oh My Stars BOM quilt, blue rectangles quilt, little Hawaiian top; gaveaway Log cabin Christmas Trees; blue, brown and taupe put aside to make chicken doorstops)
  • 35 tops 5 November 2011 (added Blue and Brown Cat Quilt & 2 Rainbow String Hearts babyquilts; finished Funky baby quilt, Buckeye Beauty baby quilt, Tic-tac-toe baby quilt and Autumn Splendour quilt; donated blue string baby quilt, Boxed-in Batik, Quilt with Pink Star Centre)
  • 39 tops 21 July 2011 (added Warm/Cool Wonky Log Cabin, finished Flying Geese baby quilt & Around the World Quilt Bee top)
  • 40 tops 3 June 2011 (added Peaches & Green Quilt, Layer Cake and Red & White)
  • 37 tops May 2011 (added Funky Houses baby quilt)
  • 36 tops 27 April 2011 (added Splash of Lime, Tic-tac-toe baby quilt)
  • 34 tops 14 April 2011 (added Stained Glass Quilt)
  • 33 tops 13 March 2011 (added Robin's Egg Quilt)
  • 32 tops 28 Feb 2011 (donated ColourShott Knot, batik string baby quilt, hand dye WOW top)
  • 35 tops February 2011 (donated Retro Bento Box, blue snowball baby quilt and antique neutral top; added Boxed in Batik baby quilt top)
  • 37 tops January 2011 (added blue snowball baby quilt top, finished Oriental fan quilt)
  • 37 tops December 2010 (finished homespun tree skirt)
  • 38 tops November 2010 (finished Bali Hai batik quilt)
  • 39 tops July 2010 (added Around the World Quilting Bee top)
  • 38 tops May 2010 (finished small arty wall quilt and Alex's stash quilt)
  • 40 tops April 2010 (finished shoe quilt)
  • 41 tops to start, April 2010