A small selection of ATCs I've made - there are lots more, both recently and in the past, but that would just be silly... Lots of fabric and fibre based ones can be seen by clicking "ATCs" in the tags sidebar.

Weeping willow with antique key (for pick-a-theme swap), December 2013

Hallowe'en theme swap, Nov 2013

Part of my Chameleon series, August 2013

Purple Fibres with fish, Feb 2012

Found Poetry, November 2011

Chilis (pick-a-theme Swap), Oct 2011

Oriental theme, August 2011

A card incorporating weaving for a Weaving Themed Swap, July 2011

Birdcages (for a pick-a-theme Swap), April 2011

Wailing Wall, and Church of the Dome of the Rock,  in stitch. 
Made for pick-a-theme (religious buildings) swap, April 2011.

Spot the Flower, April 2011 - paper collage, sticker.

Book Page Background, April 2011 - paper collage, book page

Wailing (West) Wall - March 2011 - fabric, stitch

...& the Jack of Hearts, April 2011 - paper collage, playing card, acetate

Trees, March 2011 - Stitch, fabric, sequins

Tower (Tarot Major Arcana), March 2011 - fabric, stitch

Stickers & More, MArch 2011 - paper collage, stickers

Dragon, Feb 2011. Mixed Media Collage

Crows in the Kitchen, Feb 2011

Vintage French, February 2011 - paper collage, sticky-back felt, book page, tissue tape

Lighthouse - February 2011. Acetate, paper collage.

Transparencies & More, Jan 2011 - Playing Card, acetate, paper collage, sequins, stickers

Stitched Tree, Jan 2011 - free motion stitching on fabric background, pelmet vilene base.

Torn paper mountain scene, Jan 2011

Ophelia, Jan 2011 - Altered Playing Card. Playing card, vellum, transparency, stickers, sequins, stitch.

Monotype, Dec 2010 - book page background, acrylic paint

You lose - dark found poetry - card, magazine pages, transparency, brads

Tell me a story, Dec 2010 - book page, papers, card

Seahorse, Dec 2010 - mixed media - book page, map, wallpaper, transparency

Love beyond measure - Dec 2010 - Altered Playing Card (playing card, paper, transparency, German foil scrap)
Lady Grey, Nov 2010 - silk background with stitch, organza, transparency, brads, sequins.
Mermaid Princess, Nov 2010 - paper collage
Art, Nov 2010 - paper collage
Bird with gingko, Nov 2010 - book page, stamping, paper collage
Hope, wish, dream, Nov 2010 - book page, stamping
if, Nov 2010 - paper collage.