Sunday, July 08, 2007

The year of making postcards... part two

Having shared with you some of my favourite postcards of the ones I have received, it's time to share some of the ones I've made that I particularly like. On the whole, I haven't been unhappy with most of the cards I've done, but some have been more fun or more inspired than others, so here is a handful of favourites. I'm sure my choices say something about me, but what, precisely, is a matter for some debate :)

Fabric Painting - June 2007 Challenge on Arts in the Mail

Trees - BQLPC, June 2007

G is for "Geese" (Flying Geese, of course) - Arts in the Mail, June 2007

Picture Frame - Arts in the Mail, May 2007

Circles - BQLPC, April 2007

Open Theme with Charm - FAI, Feb 2007

International Women's Day - Art Quilt Forum on, Mar 2007

Open Theme - Quilting Forum on Delphi, Jan 2007


Joanna said...

I like your little trees the best. But, they are all lovely.


Teodo said...

all these postcards are beautiful but I like very much MAR and MAY and the trees.......all I like.
ciao ciao