Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CCRRs and a new commission

Good stuff in the post today - I got this postcard from Diane, to the theme (wait for it) Blue. She's used a wide variety of blue stuff, and it's come out nicely. I particularly like the stitches on top of the angelina, but as usual, Angelina doesn't photograph brilliantly. I also got two CCRR (complex cloth round robin) pieces from Alice - this one, which belongs to Marijke, which it's my turn to work on before going home to Marijke - DD1 Sarah thinks it wants stars; I'm considering. It's heavily textured, so I think it might want stamping. As usual, I shall put it aside and wait until it speaks or until it's the deadline, whichever comes first (usually, thank goodness, they speak first).

And I got this one (below) which is my own CCRR, come home to live with me. It started out like this, and has since been screenprinted (the letters) by Marijke, stamped by Kelly and had a lovely silk hankie fused to it (this is quite subtle and very hard to see in the photo) by Alice. And now, the problem is, as always with these things, I won't want to cut it apart and do anything with it. I really must do something, though. I am thinking of doing a year long journal quilt project (one a week) later this year - small size - maybe 6x6 or 6x8 or something like that (or maybe a variety of sizes, but all small), and it occurs to me that some of the complex cloth pieces I am doing might make nice backs to the pieces - or partial backs, if I decide to print out a statement about each one as I do them. I'd still have to cut them up, just not so much. Anyway. For the moment, it will go somewhere where I can look at it in my sewing room, as I really like it.

I also had a slightly frantic email from a friend who wondered if I could put together a quilt for her mother, who lives in an assisted-living facility, which unfortunately is closing, which means she will have to move yet again - the thought being the quilt may help cheer her mother up a bit. The catch is, the moving date is the 21st of July. Luckily, I have checked with my friendly local longarmer and she can actually squeeze a quilt in for me, so it's just (just!) a matter of piecing it.

After some thought and consultation, it was agreed to do something floral, if possible using some wildflower fabric (of which I do have a little) - not that I mind fabric shopping, but as time is of the essence, I'd rather be able to get started straight away. I've decided to go for something very simple, along the lines of the sketch on the left, though obviously the colours are different (fabrics on right). This will be my main project for the next couple of sewing days, though I do have a few other small bits to take care of as well like edging the washer postcards and getting my charms sorted and posted out. Yes, I do have other quilt tops I could work on, but I am always happy to help out a friend, especially a friend who is paying...


sewkalico said...

Loved your complex cloth with the letters - stunning!

Just let me know if you want any florals for your commission before I sew them together for my Scrapbuster backing, but I do have a lot so a few won't be missed.

Susan Lenz said...

I love the letters too! Of course this piece will speak to has all the vowels and constants already! In the meantime, a paying client is always put at the head of the pack...especially when the recipient is going to love the result so much!