Saturday, November 05, 2011

October goal review

Just realised, we're almost a week into the month and I haven't yet managed to review my October goals. Perhaps I know it's not going to look good, lol.

October goals:
  • 5 Farmer's Wife blocks - no. Just didn't have the time.
  • Block for October block lotto (maybe - might not make any this month) - yes, made five. Here and here.
  • Sept & Oct blocks for Oh My Stars block of the month - finished September, still need to work on October.
  • finish quilt for ALQS6 - yes, finished, and swapped.
  • no 6 of 7 baby quilts (top made, needs quilting and binding) - finished, and given to the mum-to-be, who greatly admired it.
  • birthday ATCs - done.
  • at least one charity baby quilt - yes, this month I managed to make one specifially for Project Linus and will probably also give one of the two rainbow string heart tops to Linus as well. (I have a third top, in a different pattern, which I will also keep)
  • Lynne's quilt top made, just needs quilting - no, but it's first on the pile for tomorrow, so hopefully I will soon rectify this!
So, not as bad as I feared - it felt like a month where there were a lot of things which didn't get done. So, my aims for November:

  • 5 Farmer's Wife blocks (hope springs eternal!)
  • Blocks for November block lotto - done already - did in the sneak peak period!
  • October block for Oh My Stars BOM
  • Assemble pieces for Oh My Stars BOM
  • birthday ATCs - finished, mailed. That's the end of that, as there are no December birthdays...
  • at least one charity baby quilt
  • Lynne's quilt (needs quilting and binding)

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Narelle said...

I'd say a very good result for October...lots of items crossed off.
Having a list helps me to stay more on track :)